When life hands you lemons — MPI Solar Case Study

When life hands you lemons, make lemonade, as the saying goes. In this post, we review that time an Indiana law about solar energy and net metering threatened to put a damper on sales for our client MPI Solar.

SB 309  was designed to put an end to net metering over a period of time. This meant less incentive for homeowners and businesses to install solar panels on their homes or buildings, making it a harder sell for the good people of MPI Solar. Most people who install solar panels aren’t necessarily only looking out for the environment, but also want a return on their investment and of course, energy savings. Therefore, it was a pretty important selling point that energy companies would participate in net metering. Since the law passed, customers would have to install solar panels by certain deadlines to be grandfathered in to receive net metering (although even the net metering is now limited as far as years, depending on installation date.)

Instead of just collectively throwing our hands up and feeling defeated, Mediaworks and MPI Solar decided to find a way to turn this into a positive by strategizing a bit out of the box. Deadlines are an important marketing tool, in that they increase a sense of urgency and call to action on the customer’s part. We decided to create a sort of “Doomsday clock” campaign that would illustrate how much time one had to install solar so they could still be grandfathered in to net metering benefits.

Potential customers as far away as Indianapolis have clicked on the “Doomsday” countdown clock. They subsequently filled out the free solar assessment form on the MPI Solar website so they could take advantage of net metering. That type of conversion is exactly what we wanted to achieve, so it seems we have indeed made lemonade out of our lemons with this campaign.

What is lead conversion? This is how we refer to the process of turning your potential website visitor into an actual customer through campaign strategy. First we generate interest with an ad and a call to action, which entices a potential client to click the ad and contact your business for more information about the product or service. That is a converted lead! Once we have that contact we can turn that opportunity into a sale. Worth noting:  prior to beginning this Doomsday campaign, we had an average of 4-5 people converted from clicks to contacts a month. After we began the campaign, we have tripled that conversion rate.

Have you been struggling with how to put a positive spin on a sales issue? We can help. Our creative team loves to take on challenging projects and will be happy to assist you in driving sales for your business. Call 812.333.8099 or email us today!