Win an Auction Website for Your 2015 Charity Event

Community Kitchen Website Donation

Win an Auction Website for Your NFP Charitable Event

Are you involved in a not-for-profit organization with an upcoming charitable event?  We would love to help you just as we assisted the Community Kitchen raise over 30% more during its 8th annual “Chef’s Challenge” fundraiser by donating our time to craft a state-of-the-art auction website.

Passionate about a particular not-for-profit entity with an fundraising event slated for 2015?  Throw your hat in the ring to try and win one of the 12 free Auction Websites!  Each NFP Auction Website recipient will receive a detail-oriented, well-built Auction Website to boost the success of your fundraiser.  We will tailor the site to fit your particular NFP.  The possibilities of increasing your fundraising dollars are endless!

To Participate:
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NFP Success Story: Helping the Hungry with HTML 

Every September, the Buskirk-Chumley hosts the annual Community Kitchen “Chef’s Challenge” fundraising event.  The event begins as Bloomington residents vote to determine which chefs will compete against the previous year’s winner. The event cumulates on a magical September evening as three chefs simmer, sautée, and show off their culinary skills to a packed Buskirk Chumley theater.

As mouth-watering scents waft throughout the Buskirk-Chumley, 30 event attendees watch from “Bistro Seating” at the front of the theater.  Guests in Bistro Seats get to taste each of the chefs’ dishes. To sit in the Coveted Bistro Seating, Community Kitchen supporters bid on available seats.  In past years, Assistant Director Tim Clougher manually managed this system by direct email via a “method was confusing, slow and time consuming.” When Clougher originally contacted us, he simply wanted help “creating a simple auction that would make it easy to sign up and bid on seats.”  Clougher pictured a website that would keep bidders engaged, something to streamline and inform Community Kitchen supporters when they had been outbid for the coveted 30 Bistro Seats.

With a little help from html, technology, and creativity, we built an Auction Website fit to Clougher’s original vision…but then our philanthropic hearts could not stop.

With a little more web programming and creative thinking, we took “this idea and made it into more than I had hoped for,” as Clougher described.  Our talented team of website professionals created a detailed map of the tables as well as specific seats.  The user-friendly site easily engaged potential bidders and showed them exactly what was at stake with each bid they made.

Clougher’s favorite aspect of moving to the Auction Website was that, by eliminating the manual aspect of “bid management,” Clougher could focus his attention on other aspects of the event.

The outcome of our out-of-box thinking and creative web design resulted in a 30% increase in the average bid per seat. As Clougher reflected on both the present and potential for future events, he stated “Considering that each time you create a new system, you can expect it to take some time to grow, I am excited about the prospect of what using this product will bring in years to come…Simply stated, the increase in support from Mediaworks will help us attain almost 1,000 more meals!  I look forward to working with Mediaworks again and what this collaboration will mean in our efforts to fight hunger and grow our event.”