Curry & Clayton – In a Hurry

It’s always nice when we have plenty of time to create a well-planned campaign, but sometimes we’re not always offered that luxury.  Take our latest work with Curry Auto Center.  When Dan from Curry Auto Center called us on Friday at 4 p.m. to ask if we could shoot a commercial with country star Clayton Anderson the following Wednesday, we had to act fast.  Our goal: Provide a script and creative that focused on Chevy pickup trucks, Clayton Anderson’s new “Right Here Where I Belong” song, Curry Auto Center’s 100th anniversary, and Chevy’s “Find Your Freedom” campaign.

On Monday, we produced both the creative and the script that was approved by our client and talent on Tuesday. On Wednesday, we teamed with Malone Video and Production House to shoot this Curry Auto Center commercial at Dr. Grossman’s Stone Ridge Farms.

The result?

Creative, videographers, make-up artists and set found and shot within 72 hours, thanks to our 25 years of experience and tremendous vendor relationships.

Like life, sometimes the best things in marketing happen on the fly.


Special thanks to City Hair’s Robin for hair and makeup, to Dr. Grossman for graciously donating the use of his farm as the set, and to both Malone Video and Production House for shooting and editing this piece.

 – The Buzz Work