About Our Website Design and Advertising in Bloomington

Website Design, Marketing, Advertising, Print Design and Public Relations

Mediaworks, known best for website design and advertising in Bloomington, is a partnership of select marketing professionals dedicated to delivering innovative marketing solutions with exceptional service. At Mediaworks, the focus is personal attention and quality service. The firm was founded on a commitment of providing an affordable alternative to large full service advertising agencies to businesses in South Central Indiana.  From website design to graphic design, Mediaworks has your business covered.

At Mediaworks you always work directly with the firm’s principal. This commitment assures you will benefit from the experience, acumen and energy of proven professionals without absorbing the overhead costs associated with large firms.

To enhance the creative process and improve the efficiency of production, we maintain our standards of service by choosing professionals who have a mastery of technology and its application. Our approach to client service is based on developing lasting relationships. Our clients can be confident that we only accept business that we can effectively manage. We will not compromise service or jeopardize relationships for the sake of growth.


Our approach to delivering these marketing solutions begins with the Discovery process. This is the first and most critical part of the creative process. We work with you to identify and outline your marketing objectives and desired results. In short, we listen.


The Discovery process leads us to Strategy. Once we have defined the objectives, we develop a Strategic Plan that will outline and direct the creative concept and advertising approach. This plan will recommend the best way to communicate your message in a strategic combination of print, radio, television, Internet and press relations. The Strategic Plan will be presented for your approval, along with the estimated costs of production. Once your budget has been established, we can also formulate a Media Plan, outlining recommendations for media placement and the costs of the chosen mediums.

Concept & Creative

Concept and creative development begins upon your approval of the Plan. Once we determine how to deliver your company’s message, we can begin to develop the communication and creative approach.


Upon approval of the Concept and Creative, we will begin production. Copy and proofs will be submitted for your approval or any necessary revisions.

Final Approval

The last step of the process is your final approval! Upon this approval, all production will be delivered to the necessary outside service providers, printers, or media.

Project Management

Project management is the coordination of any necessary outside services, such as print vendors or media outlets. This part of the process may begin as early as the Strategy stage and will end with the delivery or execution of all your marketing communications materials. Such a methodical process has enabled Mediaworks to maintain a high standard of website design and advertising in Bloomington, Indiana and the surrounding areas.